Street Fighter 6 artbook appears to confirm most or all World Tour mode areas and countries

Street Fighter 6 artbook appears to confirm most or all World Tour mode areas and countries

Now that we’ve seen the entirety of Street Fighter 6’s launch roster in action, the big questions remaining about the game are about the single-player content, and especially they World Tour story mode.

Capcom recently showed off an image of the official Street Fighter 6 artbook included in the game’s collector’s edition, and it appears to confirm all of the major areas and countries that’ll be featured as a part of the World Tour.

Underneath the complete list of 18 names from SF6’s playable roster on the cover is a list of locations for the World Tour although some of the names are cut off.

It does indeed appear that Metro City will serve as the main / central hub of the single-player mode considering there’s additional shops and places listed specifically for that area in the Essential Eats, Buckler Security Services, and seemingly something connected to fashion.

Beyond just the big city, however, we now have some solid confirmation that Mexico, Italy, Jamaica, India and Japan are all going to receive full set locations to run around in although we still don’t know how big Metro City will be and how the other countries will compare.

Pretty much all of these locations were teased / alluded to in previous SF6 gameplay trailers, but it’s nice to have a bit more clarity that we’re going to be able to walk around these places.

Unless they’re in the cut off text, there’s no mention of potentially relevant / prominent locations for the game’s cast like China, the United Kingdom, Brazil and France though that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be present. France is shown on the game’s website.

We’re less than 3 months away from SF6’s launch, but there’s still precious little we know about how World Tour mode will operate, how much content it’s going to offer and how the story still play out in relation to the wider cast.

You start the game creating a custom avatar to battle with as Luke’s new trainee in Metro City, and players will be able to learn and then mix and match attacks from SF6’s cast as well as assists from the Masters.

There’s some light RPG elements with gear and level-ing up as well as some mini-games, and that pretty much sums up most of what’s been officially shown off for the World Tour.

Capcom will likely be putting their focus on showing off much more of what we can expect out of SF6’s single-player suite in the coming months, so we just have to stay tuned for more.


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