Streamer recreates the classic Evo Moment #37 parry while blindfolded

Streamer recreates the classic Evo Moment #37 parry while blindfolded

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If you’re familiar with fighting games (and probably even if you’re not), chances are you’ve heard of Evo Moment #37. The classic Street Fighter 3 Third Strike moment between Justin Wong and BST|Daigo is one of the most famous sequences to ever happen in competitive play, and it has not only been recreated countless times by fans, but has even been reenacted in other fighting games that feature some kind of parry option.

Today we’re staying within the confines of Third Strike, though, taking a look at another recreation of this major moment from streamer and content creator AutoMattock. It’s impressive if you have the skills to perform Evo Moment #37, but it’s even more impressive to be able to do it blindfolded — which AutoMattock has done.

Sharing the clip over on Twitter, AutoMattock keeps it short and sweet. With a covering over his eyes and the top half of his head, this lab monster sets Chun-Li to fire off her super and begins his attempt.

The basic gist of recreating this Evo moment is fairly simple, however, the technical skill to do it is definitely up there. For Evo Moment #37 you need to have Chun-Li perform her Super Art 2, parry every grounded hit of her Lightning Legs, jump up and parry the final hit of the super in the air, and as you come down, tag Chun with a jump in attack that leads to a quick combo into a super of your own.

Traditionally, Ken is the character used to recreate the moment as that is who Daigo used in the original play. If you want to be totally accurate, you’ll want to make sure the follow up combo is jumping heavy kick, crouching medium kick, Shoryuken, super.

AutoMattock checks all of the boxes here for Evo Moment #37 and brings us a traditional reenactment, albeit with a blindfold on. Each attack is parried properly, the follow up combo is on point, and all of the hits of the combo connected.

After it’s over, the player pulls his blindfold off and watches the combo counter as Ken finishes his super to confirm that it was done correctly. Seeing that the mission was completed successfully, the content creator lets out a big “YES!” and gets hype for the achievement.

Fighting games take a lot of time and practice to get good at, and the more you run through the same combos and set ups over and over, the better your muscle memory gets. The secret to AutoMattock’s blindfolded recreation boils down to sound cues and having the timing down incredibly well, and there are no shortcuts to pulling something like this off.