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State commission leaves Lavra without entering any churches

Kiev, March 30, 2023

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The official commission from the Ministry of Culture’s Kiev Caves Lavra Museum left the territory of the monastery today without being able to enter any churches or conduct its “inspection.”

As OrthoChristian | State commission leaves Lavra without entering any churches | The ParadiseOrthodox faithful guarding Lavra, blocking state commission members from entering (+VIDEOS)Members of the Museum’s Commission arrived at the Lavra this morning, but the faithful are blocking them from carrying out their “inspection” of the territory.

“>reported earlier today, Ukrainian Orthodox faithful spent the night at the Lavra to protect it from any possible nighttime seizures.

And this morning, the Museum’s commission arrived at the monastery to begin inspecting the monastery and to officially transfer the property back to the usage of the state.

However, they were blocked by the faithful who guarded the churches while singing the Jesus Prayer and other hymns.

And according to the Ukrainian outlets Strana and the Union of Orthodox Journalists, the commission members left today at about 12:30, though there is unofficial information that they will return tomorrow.

Commission members commented that at the moment there is no grounds for appealing to law enforcement, but if the situation continues, they will be forced to do so.

Photo: spzh.news Photo: spzh.news     

At about the same time, the police, who had previously been stationed on the street outside the monastery, entered the Lavra with guns in hand, “to maintain order.”

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