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Spa Therapist at MacTay Consulting

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Job Responsibilities:

Consult, provide advice and promote treatments and products as needed.
Offers various spa services (body treatments, massages, facials, waxing and manicures/pedicures) in a safe and convenient manner
Maintain an inventory of equipment and product samples.
Advise and promote retail products or additional services
Maintain hygiene standards and comply with health and safety regulations.
Identify and respond to relevant customer requirements, needs and expectations.
Follow all controls and preparations daily to ensure smooth and professional operating standards.
Achieve retail sales goals with personalized prescriptions and recommendations.
Conduct grooming demonstrations and promotions as needed.
Familiarize yourself with all the treatments and products offered at the spa.
Document and maintain clients' files.
Keep the room clean and well-equipped.
Identify and respond to relevant customer requirements, needs and expectations.

Job Requirements:

Hands-on experience in massage techniques, manicures, pedicures, waxing and face/body therapies.
A degree or current license in aesthetics or physiotherapy is an added advantage.
Previous work experience in sales is also an added advantage.
Fluent in spoken English.
In-depth knowledge of the use of Microsoft office suites.
Positive attitude towards work.
Excellent team player.
High presentation standards on oneself, their treatment room and surrounding spa areas.
Ability to display empathy and build rapport with your clients.
Stamina, primarily if the spa focuses on body massage treatments and handling heavy equipment.
Flexibility is vital; willingness and capability to work and provide shift cover at weekends, evenings, and holidays. And this may sometimes extend beyond therapy work to reception and admin.

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