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Someone created a version of thicc Street Fighter 6 Ryu in Third Strike

25 thicc | Someone created a version of thicc Street Fighter 6 Ryu in Third Strike | The Paradise News

We got ourselves some 38 seconds of Street Fighter 6 footage on Sunday, and the fact that series poster boy, Ryu, is looking a lot bulkier than usual is one of the stand out talking points the fighting game community has come away with.

While many of us are very encouraged and excited at SF6’s visual direction at this point, an amateur pixel artist by the name of Alan(_not_allen) decided to see what extra thicc Ryu might look like in the revered art style of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

The gorgeous visuals of Third Strike are often still cited as some of the best the Street Fighter franchise has every come up with, and we regularly see artists imagine characters from all over the world of fighting games as though they were a part of the 1997 title.

Street Fighter’s most famous character remains a head turner here some 35 years after his debut as any and all alterations Capcom makes to his design seem to almost instantly go under the community’s microscope. We saw a similar reaction back in 2016 when “Hot” (read: grow a beard and lose the shirt) Ryu was released as an alternate costume in Street Fighter 5.

This is actually not the first time since Sunday that we’ve seen community members port over Ryu’s latest look to any of his iconic poses/snapshots of the past. On Wednesday we shared another fan-made image of Ryu’s Street Fighter Alpha cover art, this time with SF6 Ryu and Luke replacing young Ryu and Akuma.

You can see two images here of Alan’s work as hot/thicc SF6 Ryu in SF3. One is a standalone while the other contrasts him with traditional Third Strike Ryu.

Thicc Ryu 3S image #1

Thicc Ryu 3S image #2

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Source: Culled From Event Hubs.