Shrinking unions face irrelevance, expert warns on eve of Workers' Day

In a “revitalisation” scenario, however, unions would play a key role in strengthening inclusive and effective social dialogue.

Cillié proposed that unions “urgently embark on the path to revitalisation” by listening to the needs of a new generation of workers, embracing technology and considering new forms of organising and collective action.

“They need to take into account the changing nature of work and how to represent workers in new forms of work such as remote working as well as the informal economy,” he said.

“Unions need to be debating how the movement can act collectively — across sectors, at regional and national level — and how to improve the mandating, management and elections of trade unions.

“It can be argued that trade unions are indispensable to a balanced economic environment but they need to find innovative ways to revitalise themselves or continue to lose members and be pushed towards becoming irrelevant.”


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