Senior Design Architect at Bilaad Realty Limited

Senior Design Architect at Bilaad Realty Limited

Role Summary

  • A Senior Design Architect is responsible for producing high quality project design deliverables in construction documents.
  • A Senior Design Architect can work on any/all phases of development including Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.
  • Reports to the MPMO on tasks and deliverables and work directly with him/her to ensure the facilitation of a project’s completion on-time, on/underbudget, and meeting Bilaad Realty’s quality standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Bring great, fresh ideas to the team that are project-appropriate
  • Develop vignettes and hand sketches of architectural ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals; articulate why concepts work to the team using sound, logical reasoning
  • Produce concept boards of images for feedback and approval from the CTO/MPMO, which capture the intended look and attitude and that reflect branding and positioning with architecture, color, finish materials, and lighting
  • Select in-budget materials and finishes that support the concepts
  • Consistently incorporate scale and balance, designing elements that ‘fit’ the space for maximum impact
  • Distinguish and consider the needs of different styles and looks, and deliver those styles without letting personal preferences impact choices
  • Design holistically, not just segmentally, so that spaces flow consistently, areas tie together for maximum impact, and secondary focal points are established and used to build upon the underlying look and attitude
  • Demonstrate proficiency in lighting as a design element, including how to use lighting and shadows for impact
  • Regularly follow trends in Real Estate, architecture, and interior design so that own work and ideas are of an ‘international’ caliber and level of sophistication, and in order to incorporate the latest technology and operational needs


  • Actively work on high-level tasks and deliverables for multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Perform red line markups and pickups of delegated work and/or complete packages of deliverables.
  • Produce sets of production documents in both design development (DD) and construction development CD phases.
  • Maintain a daily task list for assigned projects discussing time allotments, schedules, and delegations.
  • Assist project teams to ensure delays are adequately documented and mitigated.
  • Prepare for regular project team meetings pertaining to project tasks, deliverables, and milestones.
  • Write clear, articulate meeting and communications notes
  • Construction Document (CD) Requirements:
    • Independently use approved sets of schematic design (SD) documents for complex corridors, and public spaces in order to develop the following final set of production documents, each containing sufficient quality, clarity, and detail with dimensions, tags, keys, and notes, to minimize questions during construction or production:
    • Project cover page
    • Project key plan
    • Demolition plans for all areas
    • Presentation finished floor plans
    • Construction finish plans
    • Finished elevations with millwork, outlets, wall sconces, cabinetry, specialty finishes and treatments included;
    • Furniture plans for all areas including major public areas, bars, restaurants, spas, meeting rooms, pre-functions, corridors, foyers, restrooms, fitness facilities, etc.
    • Coordinating the delivery of Dimensioned construction plans with elevation symbols, sections, and schedules
    • Review and vetting of other components of design e.g mechanical, electrical and structural to ensure conformity with architectural design
    • Construction details (Shop drawings)
    • Finish schedules, lighting schedules, and door and hardware schedules (Specification Writings)
    • Analyze photos, sketches, cut sheets, and construction details of cabinetry and millwork, and determine their fabrication technique; then draw comprehensive details and sections where necessary.
    • Verify that applicable building codes are satisfactorily addressed

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) Requirements:

  • Apply knowledge of the major manufacturers and their products, fabrication techniques, finish requirements, and ability to deliver quality products on schedule and per budget;
  • Lay out, select, detail, and specify appropriate fixtures and hardware including plumbing, door hardware, and cabinet hardware; then note and document for proper ordering and installation;
  • Review shop drawings and samples to ensure drawings and finishes match specifications;
  • Interpret photos of similar architecture and draw custom furniture, lighting, fabric, and carpet designs that are detailed and noted in order to minimize questions from outside agents where necessary;
  • Consider applicable codes and operational needs for products being designed and specified;
  • Quickly locate and select systems and materials due to in-depth knowledge of products and vendors.

Client Skills:

  • Troubleshoot problems on site and make recommendations to correct and move the project forward without compromising design intent; hand-sketch solutions on site that take into consideration all the areas that will be impacted; obtain approval for design changes when needed
  • Ensure all meetings are documented with meeting minutes copied to all members involved in the process;


  • Demonstrate advanced skill in CAD (including layering), 2-D and 3-D digital graphics and manipulation, Excel, file transfer protocol (FTP) coordination, and web conferencing software with speed and a high degree of accuracy
  • Demonstrate and apply the following construction knowledge:
    • Appropriate as well as stylish architectural materials and finishes that are in line with budget, usage, and project design goals;
    • Product cost and availability, as well as their specific applications, to ensure they fit within set budgets and schedules;
    • Lighting design, placement, functionality, budget needs, and connection needs, as well as effective use of natural light.
  • Understand the business side of design from both a Bilaad Realty perspective and the Client perspective, and deliver accordingly
  • Commit to achieving training targets as presented and required.

Personal Traits:

  • Work efficiently and at a brisk pace;
  • Take initiative and move forward on assigned tasks confidently while working independently and competently;
  • Be mature and well-balanced; respond in a logical and rational manner under stress and pressure;
  • Change directions quickly without being overly flustered or bothered;
  • Negotiate around roadblocks and obstacles to complete tasks on schedule and within budgeted hours;
  • Be organized, systematic, and thorough;
  • Work well in a collaborative team environment;
  • Maintain motivation to succeed, and always seek opportunity for improvement of self and the team in improving knowledge, expertise, and industry awareness;
  • Be comfortable stepping up and taking action when needs arise;
  • Be creative, open to learning, and adventurous;
  • Maintain a strategic outlook; anticipate problems, weigh options, and plan for execution with contingencies;
  • Display openness and enjoyment in sharing knowledge with others and watching them grow;
  • Project self-confidence to others and confidence in the team;


  • Act with professional level of conduct and behavior at all times
  • Accept ownership of assigned duties and responsibilities:
    • Follow instructions diligently and punctually;
    • Confirm acknowledgement of understanding and compliance with instructions;
    • Articulately explain rationale for dissent, and provide constructive alternatives
    • Completely refrain from engaging in passive behavior that avoids responsibility, teamwork, and commitment;
  • Demonstrate honesty and high personal values and ethics
  • Demonstrate clear, concise, punctual, and proactive communications skills
  • Consistently check own work for accuracy and completeness
  • Be flexible and open to new ideas and feedback
  • Write professional correspondences in email, transmittals and letters
  • When interfacing with clients, dress appropriately
  • Share Bilaad Realty’s vision and core values for growth and excellence
  • Speak and present in a group setting in a convincing, articulate, and polished manner that reflects expertise and industry knowledge.


  • Candidates should possess a B.Arch, HND , M.Arch, MSc with at least 7 years experience.

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