Self Esteem becomes “face and bod” of Bluebella Valentine’s campaign

Self Esteem becomes “face and bod” of Bluebella Valentine’s campaign

Self Esteem has announced that she is the “face and bod” of this year’s Bluebella Lingerie’s Valentine’s Day campaign.

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The singer-songwriter (real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor), announced the news on Twitter today (January 16), writing: “Surprise! I’m the face and bod of this years @bluebella valentines campaign! Every day is Valentines Day! Thanks for having me!”

The ‘Fucking Wizardry’ singer continued: “I was rather worried about this in light of recent events but the sheer amount of thirsty DMs from women in the first 15 mins of it being up has certified it a worthwhile endeavour.

“@Bluebella is a really great team with a really none heteronormative core and the products are really good quality and chic. Thanks for having me!”

The “recent events” Self Esteem mentioned was in reference to body shaming comments following her US TV debut last week.

The singer appeared on The Late Late ShowWith James Corden on January 9, where she performed ‘I Do This All The Time’ from her Mercury-nominated second album ‘Prioritise Pleasure’.

Taking to Twitter after the episode aired and the performance was shared online, Taylor said that she’d seen some negative comments in regards to her body.

“American people are calling me fat on the internet,” Self Esteem began a thread of tweets. “Which is whatever but I really do feel like it’s a time warp here [in the US] in terms of cultural societal expectations of femininity.

“I’ve struggled with disordered eating my whole life and I cba to feel shite anymore about a body that is currently working perfectly well.”

She continued: “I am no less talented or excellent because I’m heavier than a Hadid etc. I may gain or lose weight but jfc I dream of a day where it isn’t a talking point.

“The thing is, it’s not hard to get really thin. It just makes life something a lot less lovely. My inner wiring certainly sees my reflection as something that needs ‘sorting’ but then I remember the lovely vs less lovely toss up and get on with my day.”

The singer also opened up about struggles with disordered eating in the past with Women’s Health UK (via Metro), “as have most of the women that I know,” she said.

Speaking to NME for a Big Read cover interview in 2021, Taylor explained how her latest studio album delved into her experience of embracing “true self-acceptance and self-love”.

“It’s the answer to everything, but it’s still something that you’re meant to not do,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Self Esteem has announced a trio of North American live shows for this April, and she will also embark on a UK and Ireland headline tour next month – you can find any remaining tickets here.


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