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Schweinsteiger explains disappointing end to Manchester United career under Mourinho

Bastian Schweinsteiger has expressed his frustration at the way he was treated by Jose Mourinho in the second season of his two-year spell at Manchester United.

The former Germany international was frozen out in bizarre fashion by the Portuguese coach after returning from the 2016 European Championship.

“It was very strange. On my birthday I came to the dressing room wanted to change but then someone told me I’m not allowed to go in, and I had to change in the dressing room and had to play with the second team,” Schweinsteiger told Manchester United‘s official podcast when asked about how his time at the club came to an end.

“I was very hurt because no one was talking to me. Then I was speaking to Mourinho about it and he explained something to me something which I really did not understand and it had to do with the second injury that I got.

“My first injury I got the season before I got treated by the medical department of United and then in an easy training session I got the same injury so I asked Louis van Gaal if I could get treated in Germany because we had the Euros in 2016 coming up and it was always agreed to that.

“So I did that, I was fit, I played the Euros, I was looking forward to coming to United to play with Mourinho, who twice actually wanted to buy me with Inter in 2010 and then later on at [Real] Madrid.”

Mourinho’s apology

Schweinsteiger went on to reveal that Mourinho acknowledged his mistake and apologised to the 2014 World Cup winner for not giving him an opportunity at the Red Devils.

“I had a lot of respect for him, obviously, but I did not understand the situation why I was not allowed to train play with the first team,” the Bayern Munich legend added.

“There were some different opinions about me being professional which is not true because I am professional. I showed it later on I was always training with the kids or alone.

Mourinho apologised and said he made a mistake which of course was nice but I lost my heart and love a little bit towards the club, not the fans, not players, not the people who live in Manchester, it was not easy.

“If I want to do something I want to do with it with my full heart and energy. But it hurt me so much it was great pain for me and I couldn’t really trust [the club].”

Schweinsteiger made a total of 35 appearances for Manchester United, in which he scored two goals and provided three assists.


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