SBN: The Stone That Liveth

SBN: The Stone That Liveth

There’s a saying that the character of a man is best perceived by what he does when no one is looking. Reputation is only built from a human perspective.

Stanley Nsemo has built something good enough for his followers to bank on even in the nearest future. He has always presented himself to serve the people either in the public or private sector.

The series of attacks directed at his personality is a great indication that his name on the ballot is giving his opponents sleepless nights. The moment he presented himself to represent the good people of Calabar Municipal, the tree with good fruits had expected stones from naysayers.

The servant leader has enjoyed tremendous support from the people purely because of his goodwill and as such he will not be intimidated by the incessant attacks aimed at tarnishing his image.

Let’s support a man with a heart of gold to represent Calabar Municipal in the State house of Assembly.

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