SA government needs to be clear on where it stands on Russian invasion of Ukraine, says Nelson Mandela Foundation

“We are troubled by the complexity of the challenge to the world order, and by the vagaries of international rules of engagement. We see the unspeakable danger of nuclear plants coming under attack. We call for a cessation of hostilities and the restoration of peace in the region,” the foundation said.

It reminded both governments of Nelson Mandela’s 2003 utterances when he expressed his frustrations over leadership and an absence of credible justification when the US and other Western countries invaded Iraq in defiance of the UN.

The foundation said the invasion had also exposed the racism still at play in Ukraine.

“There have been disturbing reports of black people and people of colour being denied seats in buses evacuating refugees, and turned away from the Polish border. This illustrates once more a common global phenomenon in which the sufferings of white people in conflict situations habitually receive more attention and care. White lives are seen to matter far more than the lives of others. Racism remains as insidious and ubiquitous as it has ever been,” the foundation said.

Source: Culled From TimesLIVE.

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