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Ryu switches sides on iconic Street Fighter Alpha cover reimagined to fit Street Fighter 6

23 classic confrontation bnr | Ryu switches sides on iconic Street Fighter Alpha cover reimagined to fit Street Fighter 6 | The Paradise News

The Street Fighter Alpha 2 cover is such an iconic piece of art for a video game. Before opening the case, players will have the pleasure to view the scene depicting Ryu and Akuma staring one another down. Being that Akuma is towering over Ryu, a comparison to “David vs. Goliath” can be made where Ryu takes on the role of David who must take on the colossal giant known as Goliath, or Akuma in this case.

With Street Fighter 6 recently announced, the freelance artist known as WZ decided to this as an opportunity to pay homage to the classic scene. This time, it seems that Ryu has switched sides and is now taking up the role of the “big character” in shot.

The shorter of the two fighters seen here is Luke. Notably, Ryu and Luke are currently the only two characters confirmed for Street Fighter 6 as they both appeared in the trailer.

In the brief 39 second tease, it appears that Ryu and Luke are about to begin a friendly sparring match of sorts. While Luke is talkative and friendly, Ryu has taken on a very serious expression.

This isn’t the only thing that’s changed about Ryu, however. Ryu now appears to be quite a bit older with more facial hair. He’s also taken up a lot more bulk in the form of colossal muscles. Overall, Ryu now looks a lot like the “Hot Ryu” alternate costume from Street Fighter 5.

As for Luke, he also seems a bit different compared to his brief appearance in Street Fighter 5. His over-the-top smile gives away the fact that he’s looking forward to having a match with Ryu. It’s difficult to tell with all the shadows, but it also looks like Luke’s face now has a bunch of scars on it.

Ryu has come a long way since the days of the first Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2 and the Street Fighter Alpha series. He’s gone from being the young Shoto underdog seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2’s cover art to being the favored fighter to win.

While Ryu doesn’t have quite the size discrepancy over Luke that Akuma had over Ryu back in the Alpha days, it’s clear that Ryu isn’t the underdog this time. Check out WZ’s Street Fighter 6 recreation in the image below:

Ryu vs. Akuma / Luke vs. Ryu image #1

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