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Runaway bridal gown: Durban mom pleads for return of wedding dress

“We think we were broken into on the day before Christmas because we weren’t here and we only discovered we were burgled on December 30,”  she said.

More than R100,000 worth of valuables were stolen when thieves ransacked their home, but her dress was the most sentimental item taken. 

“I’ve just had a little girl, she is about six months old, and I was keeping my wedding dress for her — even if she plays in it or wants to use part of it or all of it when she gets married.

“It’s really heartbreaking when something like that — which these criminals will probably sell for R1,000 because they don’t see the true value in it — gets taken, when it’s so special and sentimental to you.” 

Lukan described the precious item as a full-length beaded dress with lace and beading on the top.

“It had a tulle half skirt that went over that [and] had the same lace and beading detail around the waist.” 

She opened a case of burglary at the Berea police station. 

Police had not responded to queries at the time of publishing.