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Road Tax Renewal: When can you renew your Road Tax in the UK?

If you drive a car in the United Kingdom, you might be wondering when you are able to renew your road tax.

Last March saw the rates increased for 2021/22 as a way of keeping up with inflation, with the way in which a car is taxed being split into two. The first applies while a new car is in its first year on the road, and after that it will switch to a second system. From there, depending on what powers the car (electricity, conventional fuel, or a combination of the two), this will have an impact on how much you pay.

Road Tax renewal

If you have already signed up for direct debit as a way of paying your road tax, this will renew automatically when it is set to run out.

It is worth keeping an eye out for an email or letter informing you when your payments will be taken, while you will not receive a road tax reminder letter.

You are warned not to then tax your vehicle again, as you will be charged twice if you do.

Before the road tax can be renewed, it is important that the vehicle keeper has a vehicle logbook (V5C).

What if I don’t have a vehicle logbook?

Should the DVLA find that there is no vehicle keeper in their records, your direct deposit will not automatically renew.

It is simple to fix this, though, as you can inform the DVLA of the vehicle keeping by going onto their website.

For anyone who has not received a letter or an email regarding when your road tax is set to run out, you should get in touch with the DVLA.

MOT issues

If your vehicle’s MOT certificate is set to have run out the time your road tax is due, you will receive some correspondence from the DVLA.

Your vehicle will have to pass an MOT by the time your current one expires.


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