Richard Sherman pleads guilty to two misdemeanors from last year

Richard Sherman pleads guilty to two misdemeanors from last year

Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback and famous for winning Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman, accepted his guilt Monday on two misdemeanor charges relating to his arrest last July 14, 2021 for driving while intoxicated and generating a domestic disturbance.

The incident, as well as the admission of guilt occurred in Seattle, in the middle of last year, Sherman was driving his SUV under the influence of alcohol, which he crashed into a construction zone, then exited the vehicle and drove to the home of his in-laws, where he attempted to force his way in, as was captured by the home security camera, which was used as evidence in court and ended up in the public domain.

What was Richard Sherman’s punishment?

Sherman reached this agreement to avoid spending more time in jail, in addition to the two days that occurred right after the incident, so he was punished with a payment of $825 for legal fees, plus $500 for speeding in the construction zone, the penalty also includes being on short surveillance for a period of two years and will have to be responsible for repairing the damage caused in the home of his in-laws.

In a statement, the five-time Pro Bowl selection expressed deep regret for the events.

“I’m grateful for the community we have and the way people continue to accept you even though you’re a flawed human being and made a mistake,” Sherman told the court.

Disappointing season for Richard Sherman

Last year, Sherman signed with the Buccaneers, however, he was unable to finish the season due to injury, played seven seasons with the Seahawks, before spending the last three years before arriving in Tampa Bay with the San Francisco 49ers.

Source: Culled From Marca.

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