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‘Resident Evil 4’ veterans are tricking new players into killing Leon

Long-time Resident Evil fans are using their experience to trick series newcomers into getting Leon killed in Capcom‘s recent Resident Evil 4 remake.

It’s been 18 years since Resident Evil 4 launched in 2005, which means that many fans are experiencing the horror game for the first time with this month’s remake.

As a result, some fans of the original game have used the game’s remake as an opportunity to trick players into shooting the lake — triggering an easter egg that kills Leon (via Eurogamer).

Shooting the lake several times summons Del Lago, a large aquatic monster that players fight later in the game. However, shooting the lake outside of that boss fight causes Del Lago to burst out of the water and jump at Leon, killing the protagonist instantly.

“Shoot the lake water for a secret costume,” reads one Steam review — which over 5,000 players have marked as ‘helpful’.

On Twitter, the results are the same, with players promising nothing but treasure and costumes for those who shoot the lake.

Since the remake was released, a number of players have reported falling for the prank.

“Who the fuck said ‘shoot the lake water for a secret costume’” said one player on Steam. “Thank you so fucking much.”

“Did the funny shoot the lake thing but I didn’t checkpoint after the fish farm fight so I have to do it all over again,” another player commiserated on Twitter.

As for what actually happens when you shoot the lake, you can watch it play out below.

Resident Evil 4‘s remake launched last week (March 24), and NME awarded it five out of five stars in our review.

“Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 ensures the greatness of the original is maintained, while making careful changes that enhance its best qualities and massage out the kinks,” our review reads.

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