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Report: Moderate Democrats Terrified of Biden’s Border Policies

Report: Moderate Democrats Terrified of Biden’s Border Policies
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Migrant caravan moving through Mexico in 2021

Moderate Democrats are making one thing clear to President Biden: If he lifts the application of Title 42, which permits the immediate expulsion of illegal aliens for health reasons, the party will be crushed in November’s midterms.

So Biden and his deputies, Axios reported yesterday, will scrap the idea or delay it.

The latest on Biden’s move to import millions more Democrat voters from the Third World comes after recently released border numbers demonstrated just what Biden is doing.

Border agents handled more than 221,000 illegals in March; Biden released 80,166. Even worse for the Democrats, a caravan of Guatemalan illegals is headed north and scheduled to arrive on May 23. That date just happens to be the day Title 42 expulsions will end.  

Video, Photos of Great Replacement Feared

“Biden officials recognize they’re in a jam,” Axios reported. “Moderate Democrats are pounding on them to delay the repeal but doing so would inflame the party’s progressive base. That includes members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who are scheduled to meet with the president next Monday.”

So Biden is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. 

Aside from breaking the law by ignoring it, Biden’s people actually tell pro-border surge leftists “that keeping Title 42 allows for less immigration enforcement,” Axios continued:

They say that because Title 42 is a rapid expulsion, migrants are free to try to re-enter the U.S. again after being expelled without facing consequences.

Once Title 42 is lifted, they say, the administration will properly process migrants. People who are removed after being processed would face more serious consequences than those being rapidly expelled under the current system.

In other words, Biden officials admit yet again they don’t want to enforce immigration laws.

Understandably, moderate Democrats, particularly those facing tough GOP challengers, are not amused, the website continued. They want Biden to give up the idea, no matter how much it helps future Democrat prospects.

“Endangered Democrats are bluntly and publicly warning of a political disaster in the midterms. They’re pleading with the White House not to give Republicans an opportunity to paint Democrats as the party of open borders,” Axios reported:

“The politics are pretty simple,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) told Axios. “The Republicans are going to hit Democrats with those videos of people streaming into the United States.”

“Title 42 should be kept,” said Cuellar, who represents a border district in the Rio Grande Valley. “I know there’s a debate inside the administration, but I don’t know who is going to win on this one.”

Open-borders leftists in Congress burble the same bromides in urging Biden to rescind the Trump-era policy.

“Asylum is a human right, and ending Title 42 is the right thing to do,” said. Representative Jesús “Chuy” García (D-Ill.).

Wrong on both counts, but anyway, Biden is in a bind. He can’t continue importing poverty-stricken illegals at the rate he and his border treason backers want if he doesn’t lift Title 42. Then again, if he does, and the GOP takes the House, impeachment is a strong possibility. Despite that, the party won’t push to deport the illegals Biden knows will become Democrat voters.

Border Numbers, a Gazillion Guatemalans

Moderate Democrats had better be worried.

March’s 221,303 border encounters brought the total for the first half of fiscal 2022 to more than one million. On top of that, Biden has released almost 400,000 to colonize the country.

And Biden and his deputies knew what the result would be when they announced the end of Title 42 expulsions. Almost immediately, the penniless masses of Central America began planning a march north.

As Fox News Digital reported last week, Brandon Judd, head of the National Border Patrol Council, said a caravan of Guatemalans are on the way.

“I have been informed a caravan is planning on leaving Guatemala with the intent to arrive at the US Border on May 23,” Judd e-mailed Fox: 

The problem with caravans is that they often break up into smaller groups after crossing into Mexico.

Organized crime or the cartels have them break up prior to arriving at our border due to the optics. I can’t say whether this will happen with this particular caravan, but that has been the trend.

Maybe the GOP should hire an army of photographers and videographers to oblige Cuellar and show the American people what Joe Biden is doing to their country — and what he plans for them.

Biden and the Democrats are electing a new people.

H/T: Breitbart

Source: Culled From The New American.

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