Registered Nurse at Famacare Centre Limited

Registered Nurse at Famacare Centre Limited

We aim to establish a chain of integrated clinics across the country, providing primary healthcare services to residents of densely populated areas and being the first healthcare point of contact for individuals, families, and communities in low to middle-income settingsJob Functions

Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records of patients (outpatient and inpatient).
Monitor and record reports symptoms and changes in patient’s condition.
Record Patients medical information and vital signs.
Prepare patients and assist with examination and treatments.
Order, Interpret and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient’s condition.
Handle, maintain and sterilise instruments, equipment and supplies as well as ensure that stock of supplies is maintained in places necessary e.g., Theatre, Consulting room etc
Follow up of Lab results by calling the Laboratory to get results
Administration of right drugs, and dosage to the right patient through the right route at the right time.
Handling and maintenance of equipment.
Assist with personal and environmental hygiene.
Introduction of Strategic plans to enhance effective hospital routine.
Ensure rooms are prepared and checked when necessary.
Scrubbing and assisting in the theatre and during recovery.
Administering medication and treatment.
Consulting with physician and other personnel about the care of clients.
Establish nursing plans, operating medical equipment.
Ensure personal development is up to date at all times.
Actively involved in the weekly clinical meetings and presenting at the meetings with Doctor(s).

Minimum Requirements

Registered nurse
Excellent track record and Minimum of 3 years experience in similar role and in a health care facility.

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