Reconstruction of colossus of Constantine the Great

Reconstruction of colossus of Constantine the Great

In Milan, you can admire the full-size, reconstructed colossus of Constantine the Great until the 27th of February. One of the elements of the Recycling Beauty exhibition, it is the result of a collaboration between Musei Capitolini, Fondazione Prada, and Factum Foundation, with scientific supervision directed by Claudio Parisi Presicce, the Capitoline Superintendent of Cultural Heritage.

The 12-meter colossus is considered one of the most important sculptures of ancient Rome. The exposed parts of the body were carved in marble, while the other parts were made of bricks and a wooden framework covered with bronze. This huge statue was erected after Constantine’s victory over Maxentius in 312 and survived until the late Middle Ages. Today, only fragments of this monumental work remain intact.

The sculpture is on display at the Fondazione Prada in Milan. You can also see the foot and right hand from the original colossus, which is displayed for the duration of the exhibition. Photos of the colossus and a video showing fragments of the replica’s construction process can be found on the website


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