QHSE Officer at JMG

QHSE Officer at JMG


Inspect work sites and review working conditions
Ensure that equipment is installed correctly and safely
Ensure HSE management system is established within the organization, implemented and maintained
Oversee disposal of substances according to environmental guidelines
Implement preventive measures to ensure unsafe processes are not repeated
Audit production, offices and branches, keeping on the lookout for any unsafe behavior or breaks in regulations
Carry out regular site inspections to check HSE policies and procedures are being properly implemented
Assess risk and possible safety hazards of all aspects of operations and give safety advice accordingly
Keep records of HSE inspection findings and produce reports that suggest improvements
Help in creating analytical reports of safety data
Inspect production equipment and processes to make sure they are safe and working in-line with factory ACT
Advice on the repairs for unsafe and/or damaged equipment
Focus on prevention by keeping up with equipment maintenance and employee training
Present safety principles to staff in meetings or lecture-type training sessions
Participate in creating safety plans that include suggested improvements to existing infrastructure and business processes
Share safety information, suggestions and observations with project leadership to create consistency in safety standards throughout the production team and the entire company
Participate in meeting company health, safety and environmental goals and objectives
Investigate causes of accidents and other unsafe conditions on the job site to prevent recurrence
Participate in finding the best way to prevent future accidents
Conduct HSE awareness at regular intervals
Conduct HSE induction for newly employed staff
Participate in identifying adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all job task within the company
Liaising with store department for PPE issuance
Liaising with purchasing department for PPE budget and purchase
Liaising with Government agencies on statutory and regulatory requirements compliance
Take up IMS responsibilities such as reporting unsafe act, condition or procedure in the work place, participating in fire or emergency drill at work, participating in incident reporting and investigation when necessary and adherence to Company policies.


Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health, and Environment or related field.
5-7 years of proven working experience in Health and Safety role.
Experience in Industrial/Manufacturing environment would be a plus.
Experience in a unionized environment would be a plus.

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