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PS4 new game releases to end by 2025, Sony confirms

In a recent investor presentation, Sony highlighted the performance of PS5 compared to previous consoles and detailed some of the plans going forward. While comparing first-party game releases on PS4, PS5, PS4+PS5, PC, and mobile for fiscal years 2019, 2022, and 2025, Sony is expecting to have no first-party game releases in 2025 for PS4. Instead, the company aims to focus on PS5, PC, and mobile only. Sony expects to close the gap between PS4 and PS5 sales this year, with PS5 sales overtaking that of the PS4 next year. The company is working on “sourcing multiple suppliers for greater agility in unstable market conditions” and “logistical negotiations to maintain optimal PS5 delivery routes.”

Sony also plans to launch more first-party live-service games going forward, which explains why the company recently acquired Bungie, the studio behind Destiny franchise. Besides these, Sony will also increase investments on new IPs by 2025. Surprisingly, Sony has not mentioned PS5 Pro in the presentation at all. Reports suggest that Sony and AMD have started working on a new version of PS5, which may launch by 2024. The company could be looking at more efficient manufacturing practices to reduce the impact of chip shortages and supply chain issues while developing PS5 Pro.

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