Prostitute Gets 30 Years For Drugging And Killing Four Clients

Prostitute Gets 30 Years For Drugging And Killing Four Clients

Angelina Barini, a prostitute from Queens, was sentenced to 30 years behind bars Tuesday for drugging and killing four of her clients in 2019.

The 43-year old sex trade worker allegedly distributed fentanyl and GBL to several men that had engaged her services with the intention of robbing them when they were incapacitated, according to the New York Post. The robbery scheme went wrong, ultimately leading to the overdose deaths of four men in Astoria, Woodside and College Point, according to the outlet.

One of Barini’s alleged victims was head chef Andrea Zamperoni from Cipriani Dolci restaurant, who was found dead in an Elmhurt motel August 18, 2019. Barini allegedly drugged Zamperoni and wrapped his body in bleach-stained sheets after discovering he had overdosed, according to the New York Post. Barini then allegedly stuffed his body into a garbage bin, according to the outlet.

Barini’s older sister, describing herself only as “Sally,” spoke of Barini’s troubled upbringing and drug habit, and went on to claim that Barini had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd, but that wasn’t were not enough of a defense to keep Barini out of jail, according to the New York Post.

“There is no level of disadvantage of being raised that can mitigate what you did here … drug addiction or no drug addiction, something has to kick in,” said US District Judge Brian Cogan. (RELATED: DEA Warns Law Enforcement To Prepare For A Surge In ‘Mass-Overdose Events’ From Fentanyl)

“I understand she doesn’t have a good history,” said a cousin of one of the victims, according to the New York Post. “I don’t have a good history. It’s no excuse. She killed four people … She deserves what she gets now.”

Sally said she planned to appeal the judge’s ruling, allegedly describing her sister’s punishment as being “a little harsh,” according to the New York Post. “I think what wasn’t taken into account was that of course what happened was wrong but the victims put themselves in there,” Sally said, according to the New York Post.

“They weren’t saints. They went with her. They wanted to party and they wanted to do drugs with her and have sex. It wasn’t like she put a gun to somebody’s head and…

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