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Professional Snake player throws everything and the kitchen sink to land but makes a critical error during tourney match

By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

22 larger snake mistake bnr | Professional Snake player throws everything and the kitchen sink to land but makes a critical error during tourney match | The Paradise News

Snake represents a rather unique archetype in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a zoning and grappler hybrid. Although his normal moveset forces him to be more grounded than most of the roster, he can be tricky to hit thanks to his grenades, C4, remote missile, and mortar projectiles.

One of Snake’s biggest weaknesses is his recovery. Though it travels extremely high vertically and has the added benefit of not forcing Snake into a freefall animation, Snake’s Cypher special known for being a very linear recovery that’s susceptible to edge guarding.

To address this weakness, most Snake users will opt to recover high since most of the game’s roster isn’t able to reach him. From there, Snake players will then proceed to cover their landings by dropping several different explosives in combination with movement tech such as B-reversing.

This was basically the scene that was playing out during a match between Pelca (Snake) and Spiro (Palutena) at Apex 2022. At over 170% damage taken, Pelca’s Snake was launched high into the air which forced Pelca to recover high.

Upon getting the maximum height with Snake’s Cypher recovery, Pelca then proceeded to drop a Nikita Missile and a grenade to cover his landing. It should also be noted that Snake’s C4 had already been placed on the left platform of Pokémon Stadium 2.

Throughout all of this, Palentuna opted to just stand there, but Spiro eventually used Explosive Flame in hopes of catching a B-reverse. Instead, Pelca pulled out a grenade as he approached the left ledge.

It’s hard to know what was going on through Pelca’s head at this moment, but this ended up being a costly mistake. By all accounts, it’s entirely possible that Pelca intended to B-reverse his neutral special at this moment, but he instead just plummeted to his death since Snake is unable to grab a ledge while in what is effectively his “grenade pull stance.”

Ultimately though, Pelca was a little too caught up with dropping explosives that he forgot to watch where he was falling. As a result, he was unable to recover in time and lost his last stock of the match.

While this was a costly error, Pelca was able to win the best-of-three against Spiro and make 25th in the tournament. Though Pelca is a strong player, it’s difficult not to laugh at the silliness of this situation.

Of course, it’s also good to know that this sort of thing happens to everyone from time to time. The real difference maker here is how players learn from these type of situations.

Check it all out in the clip below:

Source: Event Hubs