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Prof Kevin Etta @80: we need to celebrate a true Son of Cross River State and Boki Nation

By Joseph Odok

My first project besides my academics will be the celebration of Prof Kevin Etta’s 80th birthday. He stands tall as a true son of Cross River State. This project is because it is good to celebrate good people before they die. Prof Kevin Etta touched lives across the State. There is none like him in the history of University of Calabar.

I just called him today, in fact my talking to him is one of my happiest moment in life. I came after his tenure as Vice Chancellor University of Calabar but his name stands tall in the lips of those that were under his administration. Some say he is a true Boki son but I can boldly say that his was not just limited to Boki, he is a true son of Cross River State.

Prof Kevin Etta just survived three surgeries and spent more than 23 million naira, we thank God he survived and he is strong today.

Prof Kevin Etta will be 80 years by next year, he worth our celebration. In fact, celebrating him will be my commitment. It is time we begin to look for good people besides politicians to celebrate. I had no opportunity to celebrate my mentor Prof Escor Toyor, he died without being celebrated while alive. But for Prof Kevin Etta, I intend to mobilize to celebrate him. I call on good hearted sons and daughters of Cross River State and Boki nation to join me celebrate a good man.

Inbox me your number if you are interested in being part of the celebration. As time goes on, we will form a committee and an account opened in the name of the committee to raise fund for his 80th birthday. Thereafter we will initiate a trust fund to immortalize him.

The planning need begin now, I appeal to all to join hands with me to celebrate a good man that lived his life in service of the people without accumulating wealth for himself. Today there are rumours that employment and admissions are bought, but Prof Kevin Etta walk through the streets of Cross River State begging people to go to school and offering job opportunities to those with qualification. In all my investigations, no one has any allegation that Prof Kevin Etta demanded a kobo to render his assistance.

Join me to pray for his quick recovery and plan for a grand birthday celebration to honour him for his good works.

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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