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Pro Super Smash Bros. player Hungrybox shares Thanksgiving food tier list

By Steven ‘Dreamking23’ Chavez

| Pro Super Smash Bros. player Hungrybox shares Thanksgiving food tier list | The Paradise News

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! We’re thankful to be able to bring you the latest fighting game news day in and day out, and we here at EventHubs hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Now, let us get to what might be the most controversial tier list we’ve ever posted on the website… To celebrate Thanksgiving, professional Super Smash Bros. player Liquid|Hungrybox has constructed a Thanksgiving food tier list that may start your family arguments a little earlier than expected.

Hungrybox’s tier list is broken down into several categories. We see God, Elite, Great, OK, and Maybe, with none of the foods really being considered bad — which is the right move.

Above all else, though, in a category of its own that transcends all Thanksgiving foods is… scallop potatoes. This is the perfect placement and fight me if you disagree.

In the God category, HBox places green bean casserole and mac n’ cheese, which are solid choices, though I’d argue that cornbread definitely deserves God status.

But alas, HBox places cornbread in Elite, which is deserving of seconds. It sits in this tier placement alongside favorites like pumpkin pie, dinner rolls, and mashed potatoes.

We have posted many tier lists here on EventHubs, several with some very controversial placements, but I suspect this one might stir the conversation more than any that came before it. Naturally, we’re just having a bit of fun here for the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving once again, folks! Hit the comments and let us know if you agree with Hungrybox’s tier list, and if you don’t, tell us what you’d change!

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Source: Event Hubs