Priest killed in Cameroon

Priest killed in Cameroon

Fr. Olivier Ntsa Ebode is found dead in Obala, Central Cameroon. He was lured out his house at night by men asking him to come and minister to a sick family member.

By Joseph Tulloch

Fr. Olivier Ntsa Ebode, a Catholic priest in the Lékié region of Cameroon, has been found dead.

According to local press reports, he was murdered in the night between the 28th February and the 1st March, after being lured out of his house by men claiming that a relative of theirs was sick and wanted to see him.

Cameroonian news website 237online said that Fr Ebode was a “respected figure” in the community, known for his commitment to peace and social justice.

Instability is on the rise in Cameroon, parts of which are suffering from conflict between government forces and separatists. Around 800,000 people are estimated to have been displaced, and at least 6,000 killed. 


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