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Poll: Which characters SHOULD NOT appear on Street Fighter 6's roster?

24 not | Poll: Which characters SHOULD NOT appear on Street Fighter 6's roster? | The Paradise News

Last week we asked you all what your wishlist Street Fighter 6 starting roster would look like, and you certainly didn’t disappoint as many chimed in to offer their thoughts and reasonings to the discussion. Now, we’re doing the opposite.

Plenty also voiced their opinions as to which characters should not make an appearance in Street Fighter 6 (or perhaps ever again) as they come across as boring, frustrating, or simply seem to give players a sense of general apathy.

We’ve rounded up the list of Street Fighter characters who have appeared as playable across the numbered franchise entries (no Street Fighter EX or Street Fighter: The Movie, sorry) so you can vote for the 10 you’d least like to see in SF6.

As we got a teaser on Sunday, we already know that Luke and Ryu will be in the mix. We also know that Capcom intends to always feature Chun-Li, so she’s all but a surefire lock.

With this list of more than 80 fighters, there are probably more than 10 you’re fairly apathetic about. We’d suggest focusing more in on those who you actively dislike (for whatever reasons) as opposed to those whom you don’t really care about one way or another.

It also might be that you feel like a particular character who has been making regular appearances should simply take a game off and come back in Street Fighter 7 or 8. Whatever you end up going with, we’d love it if you’d explain who you chose and why in the comments after you make your selection.

Also, we’re not making a distinction between launch and DLC characters. It’s just a question of whom you’d not want to see pop up at any point in SF6’s life.