PODCAST | Securing your business against old digital security vulnerabilities


Despite advancements in technology and pace of innovation in the market, Ebrahim says many individuals and businesses continue to fall prey to old techniques. Email compromise and fake online enrichment scams still catch people out in 2022. 

He advocates for making sure that businesses keep a record of all devices and people registered on a network to ensure that these elements can be monitored effectively. 

“We can’t protect what we cannot see,” Ebrahim says. 

Topics of discussion include: Trend Micro’s business model; trends and advancements in cybersecurity; practical cases and scenarios detailing how criminal actors tend to infiltrate businesses and the techniques used; and thoughts about how best protect a company’s systems from attack. 

Ebrahim spends some time explaining the merits for getting rid of passwords. Globally, there is a move by Microsoft, Apple and Google to get rid of this authentication method. 

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