PM remarks at the press conference with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine: 8 February 2023

PM remarks at the press conference with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine: 8 February 2023

Volodymyr, it’s a privilege to stand here with you today, and to have you here in the United Kingdom.

The path from Ukraine to the UK has been well trodden over the past six months, with 10,000 of your soldiers making the journey for military training, and more arriving every week.

And just a few days ago, dozens arrived to learn how to operate our Challenger 2 tanks.

I am told they are already mastering the art of driving these sophisticated 62-ton weapons, which will soon be making a difference on the battlefields of your country.

All over the UK, Ukrainian men and women are learning how to command and control NATO-standard weapons, whether that is in drone warfare, tank operations or basic training. Their dedication, courage and determination is a credit to you and your country.

Volodymyr, now your visit here today underlines our two countries’ close and enduring friendship – we will always be by your side, our staunch and unwavering friends.

We both know the people of Ukraine’s incredible strength and inspiring bravery will ultimately defeat tyranny. That is why we are training and arming them with the equipment they need to push back Russian forces.

And as I said to you earlier today, we are also accelerating the delivery of our equipment, and the equipment of our allies, to ensure it reaches your frontline in the coming days and weeks, not months or years.

The Ukrainian crews who arrived last week will be using Challenger 2 tanks to defend Ukraine’s sovereign territory next month.

And I am pleased that today we have agreed that we will expand our training programme – a programme that has trained 10,000 troops in the last six months alone – to your marines and fighter jet pilots, ensuring the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able to defend their country for generations to come.

We must arm Ukraine in the short term, but we must bolster Ukraine for the long term. Your country cannot be left vulnerable to attack ever again.

Today we have signed the London Declaration, further deepening our cooperation, and in the coming days,  we mark a year since the needless and unprovoked invasion, and Russia will see – more than ever – that their tactics are only solidifying western resolve. Only convincing us to go further, and faster, to help you, Volodymyr. And we will.

After all, you told me last week that collective, international unity is your greatest weapon, and you can be sure that we will deliver on that, not just now, but long into the future.

Source: GOV.UK

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