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Players can mutually agree to a 'no-contest ruling' if the online gameplay gets too laggy in Street Fighter 6

By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

08 match cancel bnr | Players can mutually agree to a 'no-contest ruling' if the online gameplay gets too laggy in Street Fighter 6 | The Paradise News

Nothing is worse than being forced to play a laggy online match in a fighting game. Even today, most fighting games don’t have systems in place that allow players to mutually end a match without someone losing points during a ranked set.

With this in mind, it really feels like Street Fighter 6 is making all the correct decisions in terms of what gamers want from a fighting game. Thanks to Capcom’s Closed Beta, it’s been noticed that players will sometimes be prompted with the option to mutually end an online match.

As highlighted by Alex Jebailey on Twitter, both players can hold a certain button during online matches to prematurely end the match. Doing so will cause neither play to gain or lose points, and the replay will not be saved.

Upon initially making the request, the initiator will be met with the message “Request to end the match received. The match will end if your opponent opts to do the same.”

Though we often like to think otherwise, players very rarely base their game plans on causing as much lag as possible during online matches. More than likely, both players involved in a laggy match will want out as soon as possible.

Jebailey has also pointed out that you can “show mercy” to your opponent if they want to end a match in which they’re losing. In a situation in which you’ll surely win a match, there’s not really a lot of reason to forfeit those rank points, but the option is there regardless.

During my own experience with the beta so far, I’ve only had this message come up once when the game was suddenly lagging. Aside from that one match, however, the netcode has been immaculate — and this is coming from someone who had a lot of difficulties finding stable matches with Street Fighter 5.

Needless to say, this is just another welcomed feature that’s present in Street Fighter 6.

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