Plane in Stellenbosch road landing drama developed engine problems midair, Civil Aviation Authority finds

While the instructor was trying to avoid the stationary car, the left wing hit a road sign pole. “The aircraft yawed to the left and immediately pitched down, causing the aircraft to land with the nose first.” It skidded for about 30m before it came to a stop.

“The left wing sustained damage on the leading edge, which was ripped off towards the end of the wing tip. Fuel was also leaking in the leading edge. The landing gear was found damaged,” the investigation found.

“The examination found that the engine and nose section were displaced upward and aft of the aircraft. The gascolator did not contain fuel as it was damaged during impact. The accident was considered survivable as no damage was caused to the cockpit and cabin structure of the aircraft.”

The preliminary report shows that the student pilot was compliant and the 51-year-old aircraft was airworthy.


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Source: TimesLIVE

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