Pizza is number one when it comes to favorite Super Bowl foods

Pizza is number one when it comes to favorite Super Bowl foods

Who will be victorious in Sunday’s NFL Super Bowl LVII game between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles?

The Eagles are a slight betting favorite but it’s anyone’s guess.

One thing is for sure — pizza will be served during the game by at least 56% of those watching it, according to a recent survey by, a popular online cash back savings site.

“I would agree with that,” said Greg Sisoy, owner of the Engine House in Mount Clemens, which is stocking up on ingredients in anticipation of the rush.

“It’s double everything on Super Bowl Sunday,” Sisoy said, of the pepperoni, cheese, vegetables and other items that top both their round and square pizzas.

Double the sales, too.

“It was nuts last year,” Sisoy said.

On a normal Sunday the restaurant that pays homage to Detroit engine house and firefighters sells between 30 to 40 pizzas. On Super Bowl Sunday last year their cooks tossed and topped more than 150 pies.

As for the favorite topping among pizza lovers that would be pepperoni, followed by extra cheese and mushrooms.

Second to pizza on the list of favorite food items consumed during the big game were chicken wings (54%) followed by nachos (43%) and sliders (28%). Tied for fifth place with 15% were pigs in a blanket and chili.

Another cool fact about pizza. Motown is dough town. In fact of the 50 cities analyzed by, Detroit had the most independent pizza restaurants per capita (6 per 100,000 residents). So, chances are the percentage of hosts serving up pizza in this region of the country is likely to be even higher than 54%.

As you get ready for kickoff here are a few other questions that were posed to fans in the survey and their responses:

Will you be hosting a party for the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 12?

• No (81%)

• Yes (19%)

If yes, how much do you plan on spending for the party?

• $101 to $500 (47%)

• $51 to $100 (27%)

• $50 or less (11%)

• $500 to $1,000 (9%)

• More than $1,000 (6%)

Do you typically avoid the supermarket on Big Game Sunday?

• Yes (76%)

• No (24%)

Do you prefer to watch the game alone or with people?

• With people (78%)

• Alone (22%)

If you go to a Super Bowl party, do you actually watch the game?

• Yes (65%)

• No (35%)

Do you take off work the Monday after the Super Bowl?

• No (89%)

• Yes (11%)

Do you typically watch the halftime show?

• Yes (71%)

• No (29%)

What do you like watching more during the game?

• The ads/commercials (54%)

• The football game (46%)



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