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Pinning down the release date for Street Fighter 6 based on new information

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

How long does Capcom need to wait after Resident Evil 4 Remake to roll out SF6?

28 release | Pinning down the release date for Street Fighter 6 based on new information | The Paradise News

We’ve known for a while that Street Fighter 6 would be releasing in 2023, but narrowing that down to the potential month has proved a bit more difficult than the community thought.

News from Capcom’s latest Investor Relations Report has seemingly debunked a typical February-March window, but a recent new development is likely giving us a more specific window to work with.

Street Fighter 6 received a rating in South Korea this last weekend, and while that doesn’t officially tell us anything beyond the fact that it’s a little less kosher for kids than Street Fighter 5 was, (it got a “15+” yellow label as opposed to SF5’s “12+” blue one) it unofficially points to a coming release date.

Games receive their ratings fairly late in the development process, for obvious reasons, usually some three to six months before the ultimate release. While we’re not holding our breath for an April 1 release, (the earliest technical date in Capcom’s next financial quarter) we may still be looking at the first half of 2023.

Both Jon and I give our updated most likely month suppositions in the episode, and also address what this may mean for the Capcom Pro Tour.

Jon brings up a great point that I’ll share here, and that is that the CPT’s largest business significance may be marketing and promotion for Capcom content, and thus it would be more likely to bend to the situation of Street Fighter 6, not the other way around.

If we are indeed within a few months of the game’s official drop, a hard release date is likely coming in the not too distant future from now. In fact, a few dates immediately come to mind as to when this might occur.

Check out our full discussion on the topic via the video below and let us know when you think Street Fighter 6 is most likely to release and why in the comments when you’re done.

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00:00 – Street Fighter 6 gets a rating

03:50 – Current expectations for release

08:20 – Additional character reveals

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