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Peter Obi: I Joined Abuja Rally Because Of My Children’s Future — 55-Year-Old Woman Says

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By Martins Ayotunde, Justina Simon

An elderly woman who was part of Saturday’s rally for Peter Obi’s presidential bid in Abuja, Mrs Esther Jiri, has said only the Labour Party presidential candidate can move Nigeria forward.

The Benue-born businesswoman said this in an interview with THE WHISTLER during the ‘million-man’ rally held for the Labour Party candidate on Saturday in Abuja.

According to her, all the other leading presidential aspirants are part of the establishment that have taken Nigeria backwards over the years adding that there is need for a change.

“I am an aged woman with children and I will be very happy if my children move forward in this country because they have been tied down, no school fees. The leaders have taken their children to America training them while we are suffering in Nigeria without education. So, I’m pleading to God that God will move us forward by giving somebody to us that can take us forward together with our children. That is why I picked interest in following Obi. I know that Obi will come out and will consider the children of this country to move them forward to become somebody tomorrow.

“They (other candidates) have been ruling for many years and there is still no improvement, rather things are getting worse and we are going backwards, other countries are moving forward, but Nigeria is moving backwards. So, I see no reason why we should keep on with them, we have to change this government to somebody that can move us forward and that person is Obi.”

On her expectations of Obi if he becomes the president of Nigeria, the senior citizen said, “let him put the youths first, the youths are my concern because we are going to leave the country for them, but if we abandon them like this, it will not be good for them. So, we want Obi to move the youths forward and move our country forward. Our youths are getting useless, they are not trained, they are not educated and they are involving themselves in evil things because of lack of education, lack of work, lack of everything,” she said.

Source: The Whistler.