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People Living with Disabilities Protest Killing of Member in Anambra

The Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD), Anambra State Chapter, over the weekend stormed Ekwulobia,the country home of late Mr. Mmadụabuchi Nnofu, a virtually impaired man that was gruesomely murdered by his younger brother over a land dispute barely a week ago.

Addressing the bittered and battered members of the association who gathered at Aguata Local Government Secratariat for an organized protest over the  unfortunate death of Mr Abuchi Nnofu, the Chairman of Jonapwd Anambra State Chapter, Comrade Ugochukwu Ernest Okeke consoled his members, stating that the main purpose of the protest was to visit the  Nnofu family and get  first-hand information surrounding Abuchi’s sudden demise and pay a visit to the traditional ruler of Ekwulobia and know his stand over the ugly incident.

The Chairman charged his members to comport themselves in an orderly manner irrespective of their grievances, but that they will insist justice is done.

Arriving the Nnofu compound in  the company of newsmen, Jonapwd members met Abuchi’s aged mother who on seeing Abuchi’s Association members wailed bitterly and pointed that it was Abuchi’s kindness and quest for unity in the family that took his life.

”My son Mmadụabuchi has endured alot from this youngest brother of his that killed Abuchi.

“Severally he has continued to insult, abuse and threaten Abuchi’s life because of this very piece of land.

“I have taken this matter to the town’s vigilante severally and even to Ekwulobia police station but the security people seem to be reluctant about the threats ,now look what it has resulted to.”

She also pointed accusing fingers on  her late husband’s brother,  one Mr Emmanuel Nnofu and his first son,whom she said has been planning with her son to sell the piece of land.

She also pleaded to the government of Anambra State to help intervene in the speedy release of her son’s corpse so that he can be given a befitting  burial.

Showing Jonapwd members round the scene of murder, Mr Amandi Nnofu who is a paternal  cousin to Abuchi said the accused murdered his brother because Abuchi and his other two brothers kicked against the accused decision to sell his only landed inheritance given to him by their late father.

“Originally the accused portion of land was at the back of the compound but Abuchi out of his kind and brotherly love agreed to give Onyedika(the accused)  part of his own  portion in the front but barely one month that our Abuchi stress to the deed, Onyedika started scheming on how to sell his land(with inclusion of Abuchi added portion).

” None of our family members supported his greedy move and this necessitated to an ongoing court case.

” On 30th of January Onyedika attacked Abuchi with an axe when everyone had gone to church  and burnt  his corpse beyond recognition.

” Luck ran out of him when he came back to pick up his belt(as he claimed) and he was apprehended by our vigilante and handed over to the police. He has since been moved down to Awka”

He stated that the entire family of Nnofu condemned the accused actions and wished not to ever set their eyes on him alive. He also called on the government of Anambra State and the Nigerian police to do whatever they can to  bring justice to their dead brother.

In his reactions, Comrade Okeke comforted Abuchi’s mother and the entire  family of Nnofu  and decreed  that no ugly situation of such shall repeat itself. He prayed for the soul of Abuchi and call on all the relevant authorities involved in the case to bring perpetual sentence to the accused and deserved justice to Abuchi as Jonapwd  will continue to follow the case to the tail end.

On his reaction the traditional ruler of Email ibis, HRH. Igwe Emmanuel Chukwukadibia Onyeneke, has condenmed totally the wicked action of accused(Onyedika Nnofu), noting  that such a thing has never been heard in Ekwulobia.

“I stand strongly with Persons with Disabilities in their cry for justice for Mmadụabuchi Nnofu.

” I have  come in close contact with the deceased severally and I always admire his drive to advocate for persons with disabilities irrespective of his own disability.

” It’s so unfortunate that I never got to hear of this case until his death. It was my own vigilante that apprehended the accused and handed him to the police.”

Igwe also noted that he is in constant communications with the Chairman of Anambra State Disability Rights Commission, Barr Chuks Ezewuzie (who incidentally hails from Ekwulobia) and promised that no stone will be left unturned in finding the deserved justice for Mmaduabuchi Nnofu.