Pastor hoists Biafra flag in Church (VIDEO)

Pastor hoists Biafra flag in Church (VIDEO)

By Destiny Ogbonaya

A Church, Daba Ministry International, aka Prophetic Embassy, has hoisted a Biafran flag at the altar during church service.

The Church headed by Commander CSI in the Caribbeans, mounted the flag at the left hand side at the altar during preaching services.

PARADISE NEWS learnt that the flag has been hoisted since January this year by the General Overseer who is only identified as Commander CSI.

The Church is located in Trinidad and Tobago, which headquarters in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and South Africa.

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Commander CSI, General Overseer, Daba Ministry International, aka Prophetic Embassy

The Church has 3 branches in Trinidad and Tobago; Chaguanas, Arouca and San Fernando.

The Church is also presided by Administrative Pastor, Pastor Indra Maraj.

The Prophetic Embassy Caribbean is known for it miracles and prosperity preaching.

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Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared a global pandemic in March this year, the Church has been streaming online on its official page on Facebook; Prophetic Embassy Caribbean, with the flag of Biafra by the side of the altar.


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