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Paramount Ruler of Calabar South extols Dr Betta Edu as Efut Nation honours her with award

The Muri Munene of the Efut Nation and the Paramount Ruler of Calabar South, HRH (Prof.) Itam Hogan Itam, has appreciated the Cross River State Commissioner for Health, Dr Betta Edu for her outstanding support and immense contributions to the growth and development of the Efut nation and Calabar South in general.

The Paramount Ruler on behalf of his people in an end of the year event,  presented an award of Honour to the Commissioner and expressed his joy and immense appreciation to Dr Edu for standing by the Efut Nation and contributing greatly to numerous achievements the Efut nation has enjoyed so far.

The Paramount ruler recounted the Primary Health Center Mayne Avenue which she built and commissioned as a DG CRSPHCDA in collaboration with the council, the several employment opportunities she has given persons from Efut nation, the new look of the General Hospital Calabar, the health programmes her team is implementing in Calabar South and recently the State Health Insurance Scheme that his people are benefiting from.

“You are indeed “OBONGAWAN EKONDO” a woman with a focus, please do more for The Efut Nation and Calabar South in general!

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“Awards of this magnitude are given to only a few outstanding persons who have shown greater support and contribution to the growth of our culture, our people and development of Calabar South. Dr Betta Edu has been of immense support to us as such we singled her out for this award as a means of appreciation and motivation to do more. She has stood firmly by the Efut nation and has brought so many positive achievements and good things to us, especially in healthcare delivery.

“Calabar South has never felt the impact of government especially through the State’s Ministry of Health like it has done since she became Director General and now the Commissioner for Health. We know how many health interventions that we’ve benefitted from as a community, we know how many of our pregnant women, nursing mothers, aged, vulnerable, orphans and even children that have been given due medical attention and other supports or is it about the renovation and regular supplies of medical items to our General Hospital Calabar and some health centers in the South. We had no better way of expressing our appreciations to her for all her good works other than giving her this award, she’s one of us as she has proven that in character and in all ramifications.”

Receiving the Award, the Health Commissioner thanked the Muri Munene of the Efut nation and Paramount Ruler for the Honour, stating that the Efut nation under the rulership of HRH (Prof.) Itam Hogan, has rekindled hope for Calabar South and deserves more government support and attention as the government of Sen. ( Prof.) Ben Ayade will continue to give them the best support in various ways.

“HRH Prof. Itam Hogan Itam has been more than a father to me for over 25 years today, I got to learn a lot of things especially in the medical profession from him, he has been a great and wonderful leader who has attracted so many good things to his people. The Efut nation to me is my home “Ami Ndi Aman Isong Obong Awan Ekondo”. It’s only necessary that they too benefit from the numerous health interventions of the government of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade as they’ve shown him so much love, acceptance and support. As a Ministry we’ll continue to make sure that they get the best of medical attention and every necessary support that is due them.

“I wish to use this medium to thank and appreciate the Paramount Ruler, HRH Prof. Itam Hogan and the entire Efut nation for this Honour as I’ll never take it for granted. Let me assure us again that 2022 will only be better as we’ll continue to enjoy the dividends that will come from this administration.”

Dr Edu dedicated the award to the First Lady of the State, Dr Linda Ayade for her unending love and tremendous support shown to the Health Ministry that has today left the Ministry quite outstanding in terms of performance and other health activities.

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