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Ortom Says Ayu Has Lost Integrity To Continue As PDP National Chairman

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By Isuma Mark

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom, has hit out at his kinsman, Iyorchia Ayu, labelling him a man without integrity and asking for his immediate resignation as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Ortom is a member of the G-5 governors opposed to Ayu’s continued stay and have pulled out of the presidential campaign council of the party.

Speaking over the weekend in Makurdi, Benue State, in a text made available to THE WHISTLER, laid the blame for the festering leadership crisis squarely on Ayu, insisting that no one forced him to promise to resign if the presidential candidate of the party comes from the same region like him.

Speaking figuratively, the governor said, “when a child defecates on your lap, you do not cut off the leg, you clean it up or wash it off and move on.

“The issue is that the PDP leadership has failed. But for me, I have not called for the removal of the National Chairman because he comes from where I come from.

“But I have said that the leadership including the National Chairman have failed in solving the problem and I have advised them adequately.

“When members of the Board of Trustees came to me I told them what they needed to do and I also told the National Chairman what he needed to do,” Ortom said.

He explained that he “cannot go to the extreme level of calling for his removal but I call on him to do the right thing, to do the needful which has not been done, which is wrong.

“That is why I keep saying that the party has not been able to deploy its internal conflict resolution mechanism to solve this problem.”

According to the former Minister, “If they do it we can all flow and work together, but sidelining people and thinking that you are there and nothing can stop you, is what is creating problems.

“So for me, there is still time, the party can work it out. I am in the G‐5 but because the Chairman is from my state I decided to keep quiet. I have advised him on what to do.”

He pointed out that Ayu should be happy over his political association in the PDP as he feeds him with regular useful information even though his kinsman discountenance it.

“He should be happy that I am in the G-5 of which Governor Wike is the leader. He should be happy that I get information from there and give it to him,” Ortom said.

He re-emphasised that, “If he takes my advice fine, but if he doesn’t that’s fine too the right thing has to be done to give all comfort because whatever is the demand of Wike today nobody can blame him.

“The Chairman himself promised that he would resign if a Northern presidential candidate emerged; has a northern candidate not emerged?

“So why is he not coming out? And I have offered two things, it’s either you resign or plead and beg the people why you should continue as National Chairman because you said it yourself, nobody compelled you,” he stated.

He reminded Ayu about his promise when he ascended the leadership of the party, saying, “The National Chairman told the whole world that he would resign if a northern candidate emerged and today a northern candidate has emerged. So the question I am asking is where is your integrity if you don’t resign?

“But there are many ways of doing it, if you plead, if you beg, if you seek for the understanding of the people to accept you the way you are so that we run towards election it is still okay. But the onus is on you to convince them and not to say that you have a four-year tenure.

“Who compelled you to say that you will resign if the presidential candidate comes from the north? I chose to keep quiet but that does not mean I am against what my colleagues are saying.”

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