One Day To Election, Igbo Leader In Kano Begs South-Easterners To Ignore ‘Sit-At-Home’ And Vote

One Day To Election, Igbo Leader In Kano Begs South-Easterners To Ignore ‘Sit-At-Home’ And Vote

The Igbo Community Association in Kano state has urged South-easterners in Anambra, Abia, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi states to ignore any sit-at-home directive from anyone and come out and exercise their franchise by voting for their choice candidates during the presidential election and subsequent polls.

The call came amid a twitter post by self-acclaimed leader of the secessionist group Indigenous People of Biafra, Simon Ekpa, who had in recent times called for sit-at-home in the Southeast with a view to truncate the polls and cause voter apathy in the region.

Whenever such directives are observed, traders could not come out and do business, leading to grounding of economic activities in the region.

But the Vice President of the association, Engineer John M. Nweke told THE WHISTLER in an interview at Sabon-Gari, Kano, that using sit-at-home as any kind of strategy against the federation is condemnable.

He added that such directive has been counterproductive particularly for the region and could jeopardise turnout on election day.

He said the directive, if obeyed in the region during this election, would negatively affect the political aspiration of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour party, who hails from the South-east.

He explained that Obi has brighter chances in the election going by his national appeal especially among youths, but added that the Igbo Community in Kano was not happy with the happenings in the South-east particularly the series of sit-at-home directive in the region.

“We condemn the Sit-At-Home in South east because one of our brothers whom almost the whole world has known about him, is coming out and contesting for president of Nigeria.

“We Igbos both at home and outside are supposed to rally round and support him.

“We are still pleading and begging our brothers back home; they should understand and come out and votes,” he added, saying “sit-at-home , will set our brother back.”

Nweke revealed to THE WHISTLER that Igbos living in Kano did not travel home that much for this election, stating that Igbos see the state as “home” as well and vote at their respective polling units.

“Yes, we traveled but not much. Majority of Igbos are still around, they did not travel for the election. They have their PVCs and they will be going out to vote at different polling units tomorrow (Saturday),” he said.

He appreciated the Government of Kano state, the Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero for working hand-in-hand with residents towards ensuring a peaceful conduct.

“We actually pray and believe that the election will go smoothly and there will be no problem.

“At least you have seen the peaceful atmosphere here. We anticipate free and fair election by the special grace of God,” he said.

Meanwhile, he urged fellow Nigerians to vote for their candidates and remain peaceful and law-abiding during and after the polls.

“In that aspect, as Community leaders, we are actually telling our people, that we are here peacefully and we have been here for long, we are part of Kano.

“The government of the day protects us, so when this time comes, we encourage our people to come out and vote the candidates of their choices.

“And when you vote, kindly go back to your house, don’t forment trouble, don’t be where they are trying to cause trouble and if you want to be around the polling unit, find a corner and sit and watch what is happening.

“If you don’t have anything doing, go home and preach peace,” he said.


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