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On Prof Kevin Etta and our failed Reward System

By Joseph Odok

We have a very bad reward system. Prof Kevin Etta’s sin was that he loved Cross River State with his last blood. He met a University of Calabar with just 5% admission quota, he worked and raised it to it’s present status. He increased the employment status of Cross River State people and most marginalized Cross River State citizens got employed and those marginalized as staff got their timely promotions. Because of this a gang of haters of Cross River State made sure he was sacked 2 months before the expiration of his tenure as Vice Chancellor University of Calabar. His major sin was he loved Cross River State and in his words when given another opportunity, he will still love to sin again and again if loving Cross River State is a sin.

He was not known for bribe, local government of origin or financial inducement was never a consideration before he offers help.

Before going for his surgery, he needed some money, he sought for the assistant of Cross River State governor Sen Benedict Ayade. Twice he was invited to the governor’s office and was made to wait 5 hours consecutively totally 10 hours in two different days and the governor refused to help or see him even in his most critical condition. It was embarrassing to be kept waiting in a schedule to see the governor to seek assistance, it was more embarrassing that his attempt never yielded any fruit, he never saw the governor nor got a kobo to assist him with money for treatment.

Thank God for his children and a few friends inclusive of the University of Calabar that combined to raise more than 23 million for his surgery in India.

Today most Cross River State citizens he employed have risen to Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Professors and top Admin Staff in University of Calabar. But the reward system by these people is so embarrassing and inadequate that a man who lived selflessly is being denied of his due. The Cross River State government still owes him his retirement benefits for serving in Cross River State University of Technology till date.

We bless God he is recovering gradually, may God keep him alive till 13th of June 2018, where we hope to celebrate his birthday and if God permits, initiate a trust fund for education to immortalise his name as a reward for his selfless services.

Prof Kevin Etta needs our goodwill, prayers and support while still alive. You can reach him on +2347034454239 at this time he needs love as a reward for his selfless services.

Below is a picture of the dilapidated house of residence in Calabar. Also is a picture of Prof Kevin Etta’s most recent picture in his sick bed. He is recuperating gradually, thanks for God’s grace.

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Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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