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Officer, Practice Management Unit at Nextzon Business Services Limited

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NEXTZON Business Services Limited was incorporated on 7th March, 2005 to carry on business as a corporate venturing and management/business advisory company. It also assists businesses in operating at world class level and is a strategic investor and incubator of some companies in new sectors wh…

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Job Description

Nextzon is an emerging market management consulting and enterprise development firm inspired by a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success. Our vision is to be a leading venture capital firm and a well-known consulting company.

Our clients include start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, multinational corporations, and industry leaders in critical sectors of the Nigerian and African economies.

As seasoned strategy consultants, we have strong conceptual and problem-solving abilities. As a result, we see opportunities where other entrepreneurs see obstacles. This allows us to pursue start-up opportunities in our emerging venture space.

We use an on-demand business model that combines subject-matter expertise from our various engagement teams with project management skills and oversight from our practice leaders.

Our multi-disciplinary team has worked on projects ranging from enterprise development among Nigeria’s emerging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to corporate turnarounds, economic development, and policy formulation for various levels of government and regulators.

We are looking for ambitious and passionate personnel to manage our ICT unit at Nextzon Business Services Limited.



  • Developing your career as a Management Consultant at Nextzon is an excellent way to learn new skills.
  • If you have strong adaptability, teamwork, and the right personality for the job, apply for the position above today.
  • The responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:  
  • Ensure implementation of general policies established by the Board of Directors and Management and directs their administration and execution
  • Monitors implementation of approved Strategic business plans, goals and objectives of the organization
  • Ensure that the organization is optimally staffed in line with approved annual manning plan
  • Responsible for ensuring that the company has a robust onboarding process of the organization
  • Responsible for monitoring that the performance management system is effective.
  • Ensures effective service delivery system and customer satisfaction from project delivery
  • Drives and ensures accurate and timely Management reporting on actual outcomes against budgeted plans
  • Maintains membership of key professional associations, attends conferences and workshops, meetings, etc., to keep abreast with current information and developments in the company’s core business areas
  • Consistently assures that the company is operated in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws
  • Assures that the company and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image amongst relevant stakeholders both locally and globally
  • Presentation of the monthly financial performance to management in conjunction with the CFO at management meetings
  • Develops branding strategies/concepts for the company
  • Provide administrative direction and supports daily operational activities of the IT department of Nextzon and other client organization.
  • Works with SBU and other unit heads to schedule staff against projects 
  • Explaining the financial consequences of business decisions and applying accounting techniques to plan and budget.
  • Providing support service by working with all departments and the management team to help make financial decisions.
  • Ensuring spending is kept in line with the budget by participation in expense authorization
  • Offering professional judgment on financial matters and advising on ways of improving business performance.
  • Monitoring and evaluating financial information systems and suggesting improvements where needed.
  • Responsibility for project accounting functions and in-depth project analysis to determine the profitability of projects vs. Budgets.
  • Analysis of staff utilization with a view to advising management on the adequacy or otherwise of staffing levels.
  • Evaluation of asset and other resource utilization to support business decisions toward achieving efficiency
  • Other responsibilities and roles prescribed by the board or delegated by the CEO

Qualifications & Experience:

  • A University degree in Humanities, Sciences, or the Social Sciences
  • A master’s degree in any disciple (preferably an MBA).
  • Minimum 2 -3 years in a supervisory position.
  • Candidate having prior management consulting experience will be preferred
  • Must possess supervisory experience expected of a Head of operations

General Skills/Abilities for roles:

  • Overall operational efficiency of the company and general effectiveness in company administration
  • Timeliness in the preparation/delivery of strategic business plans
  • Timeliness in report delivery
  • Accuracy in report writing
  • Effectiveness in staff performance management
  • Overall efficiency/effectiveness of recruitment policies and processes
  • Average time to resolve inquiries from clients & partners
  • Compliance of work area with the brand image of the company
  • Overall operational efficiency and general effectiveness in SBU administration

Remuneration is competitive.

  • Please note that the Officer, Practice Management Unit’s role could require extensive travel to project sites within and outside Nigeria, based on project requirements.


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