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Nursing Officer at DEDA Hospital

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Job Description

As a nurse, to provide quality care to neonates and identifies changes in a neonate's signs and symptoms and intervenes in emergency situations.
Provide support and assistance to new mothers including feeding advice and assistance with general parent crafting.
Be available for "on call" roster as required to provide escort for midwifery patient requiring transfer or assistance if more than one patient in Delivery Suite.
Provide quality nursing care that includes assessment, planning and evaluation of care.
Performs physical examinations, such as measuring vitals, taking blood and urine samples, and ordering diagnostic tests
Assist the surgeon and anaesthetist during the operation, anticipating their needs in order to facilitate their job
Organise patient transportation from the Opearating Theatre to the recovery room and carry-out and/or supervise all the postoperative activities.
Direct participation in surgical procedures;
Assistance in clinical research and record keeping as required by the organisation
Assess patients condition before surgery
Control all equipment and material stock used in the Operating Theatre to ensure efficient and rational use of material resources
Keep the operating room sterilized
Position the patient on operating table
Pass medical instruments to the surgeons during operation
Demonstrate competency in professional and clinical skills.
Ensure appropriate documentation and discharge planning for patients as required.
To effectively and efficiently use ward equipment and supplies.
To communicate effectively with patients, nursing colleagues and all members of the healthcare team
Liaise with medical, allied health and other nursing staff to ensure continuity of patient care.
Maintain interest and understanding of current trends in nursing and in the healthcare industry.
Demonstrate a professional approach in regard to time keeping, appearance and behaviour.
Excellence in customer service, facilitating relations with patients, extended families, friends and the broader community.
Practices in accordance with the Deda Hospital’s Vision, Values and Core Objectives.


RN/RM/BSc. certificate of completion and valid liscence to practice
Evidence of practical experience with Neonates.
Knowledge of current issues, trends and research in acute services and maternity services and early years
Fluency in Hausa Language will be an added advantage

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