NumeracyTeacher at You Centred Consulting

NumeracyTeacher at You Centred Consulting


Teaching all applicable areas of curriculum insert additional information as required e.g. key stages 1
Organizing classes and taking responsibility for the progress of lessons
maintain discipline whilst motivating pupils and facilitating their development to meet agreed targets
Planning, preparing, presenting and marking classes in an imaginative, positive, stimulating and active way, facilitating development and meeting the needs of the whole ability range within the class
Regularly reviewing classes and your teaching methods
maintaining agreed records, including assessment and recording of pupils’ development, including, as applicable insert e.g. Hods, SILs or Senior Leadership and Management
providing feedback of pupils’ progress as required
Develop and deliver lesson plans that utilize a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies.
Address all aspects of communication through appropriate instruction that develops each student’s knowledge and abilities inappropriate grade levels and subjects.
Establish and maintain standards of student behavior required to run an orderly and productive classroom environment.
Engage in curriculum development and planning activities, individually and as a team
Participate in standardization/verification and moderation, as required
Ensure provision is aligned with best practices nationally
Take responsibility for achieving the section’s targets in retention, attendance, achievements, high grades, added value, and student satisfaction
Oversee assigned out-of-classroom activities during the school day, as needed.
Performs other duties as may be assigned by the principal or superintendent.


Bachelor's Degree or above in Education, Mathematics or its equivalent
Teacher's license holder is very important
Must have 3 -5 years of teaching experience in reputable International School.
4. Must possess excellent interpersonal communication and expression skills.

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