Nreal Air AR glasses will soon support Windows

Nreal Air AR glasses will soon support Windows

Windows support is coming to Nreal Air AR glasses. The company announced Nebula for Windows, which lets you view your PC on the virtual equivalent of an ultra-wide monitor.

Nreal says gaming is the top use for its glasses, which connect to an external device to show content on a private virtual screen. The company cites a recent survey showing that 68 percent of Nreal Air owners use the glasses for gaming, making Windows support a top priority.

The company says Windows users will enjoy a virtual curved gaming monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Nreal suggests the setup is particularly ideal for fans of cockpit games where a wide field of view is advantageous. In addition, Nebula for Windows will support three degrees of freedom (3-DoF), meaning it follows your head movements and rotations but not leaning or moving through space.


Nreal hasn’t yet announced an exact release date, but it will show off the Windows support at GDC 2023 in San Francisco this week. It will also showcase “next-gen casual AR games for mobile” there as the company looks to spark more Android gaming development for the popular wearable.

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