Nothing’s Carl Pei trolls Xiaomi founder on Xiaomi 13 Pro launch announcement on Twitter

Nothing’s Carl Pei trolls Xiaomi founder on Xiaomi 13 Pro launch announcement on Twitter

Brand wars: Nothing CEO trolls Xiaomi CEO

When asked about the Xiaomi 13 series launch date, the AI chatbot said it does not know when the Xiaomi 13 series will be unveiled because its training data only extends until 2021. Therefore, its knowledge of current events is limited. The chatbot suggested the user to check out Xiaomi’s official website or social media accounts for the latest information on their product releases and launch events.

Posting this conversation, as a screenshot, on the microblogging site, the Xiaomi CEO wrote, “Nice try ChatGPT, add this to your database. The Xiaomi 13 Series Launch event is on February 26th,” seemingly as a promotion. Reacting to this, Nothing CEO Carl Pei jumped in and asked the Xiaomi CEO if he knew how AI model training worked.

What did Twitterati say?

The conversation between both the CEOs received mixed reactions. However, it looks like more people were on Nothing’s CEO’s side. A user wrote, “I don’t think he does”. Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Oof, CEO WARS”. “He should work on improving MIUI rather than flexing the new Xiaomi launch; nobody cares for Xiaomi,” replied a user on Pei’s post. Another user commented, “Oh God Carl, that was unnecessary.”

How does AI model training work?

When it comes to recognising different patterns, AI models rely heavily on computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing. AI models also use decision-making algorithms to learn from their training, collect and review data points, and ultimately put their learning to use to accomplish their predefined objectives.

AI models are very effective at finding solutions to difficult problems that involve a significant amount of data. As a direct consequence, they can solve difficult problems with an extremely high degree of precision.


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