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North Korea reports 79,100 more cases of fever, and one new death amid Covid wave

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North Korea’s coronavirus outbreak has infected 79,100 people with one fatality, state television reported Saturday. Since last month’s state of emergency and statewide lockdown, the isolated country has been combating a Covid-19 outbreak, fueling fears of vaccination, medical supply, and food crisis.

North Korea has issued a stay-at-home order since Tuesday, claiming “suspected flu symptoms”

Kim Jong Un called a meeting of the Workers’ Party’s politburo and ordered a statewide “lockdown” and emergency medical supplies.

“The state’s epidemic prevention effort will be transferred to the largest emergency system.” as per KNCA.

State television showed Kim entering the meeting wearing a mask before removing it. The room was mask-free. In the prior clip, everyone but him wore a mask. No masks were observed in images from a recent military march.

Source: Medriva.