No plan to sack civil servants, minimum salary to reach N150,000: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

No plan to sack civil servants, minimum salary to reach N150,000: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

The governorship candidate of the Labour Party, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, says Lagos civil servants will be better taken care of if he’s elected to govern the state.

In a video recording on Monday, Mr Rhodes-Vivour assured the workers that they had nothing to worry about over the emergence of his government.

Mr Rhodes-Vivour explained to the civil servants that he will increase their salaries to a minimum wage of N150,000 and increase the quality of life in Lagos.

“I’m doing this to address some of the fears that APC has tried to push out there into the minds of several different people in Lagos states about my eventual emergence as governor of Lagos State. To the civil servants, you have nothing to worry about,” Mr Rhodes-Vivour said.

“In my first 100 days we will be reversing salaries upward, our aim is not ensure that you earn a living wage, not a minimum wage from our calculations and our analysis. Everybody needs to earn N150,000 to have a quality life in Lagos state.

“We might not achieve that on day one but we will work to achieve that in the first year of my government. You have nothing to fear about losing your job. In fact, your pensions will be paid earlier.

“The only people that have any cause of concern are the people that have been looting our common wealth because those funds will be taken and put into ensuring that the life and quality of life of the civil servants are much better.

“Because we cannot expect a civil service to work and bring my vision into reality without ensuring that they have a quality of life that can meet the standards that Lagos need,” the LP candidate added.

The LP govership candidate further said that if elected, residents of the state would enjoy “student loans, housing benefits and a life that will set you on the parts of being truly middle class.”

He assured the transport unions that revenue from the agency will benefit the workers on the higways and they will be giving health insurance to support their welfare.

“All we are going to do is ensure that the monies that are being generated are actually going to benefit you directly. Monies are not just going to be going up to leaders that use it with accounting for it.

“We must hold a transplant way. So that you, the union members that is running after buses and doing all this work will actually have health benefits,” Mr Rhodes-Vivour noted.

He said his government will cut down excessive taxation and levies for market women and will give them the opportunity to appoint their own representatives as well as leaders in the market.

He added that traditional rulers will return to being the pride of Lagos culture and tradition institutions would no longer be “rubber stamps” for politicians to legitimise their behaviours.

“To the market women all across Lagos state for the first time you will be able to appoint your own Iyaoloja. Don’t worry about extortions from “agberos” thugs again, excessive taxes that make your business unprofitable with us.

“You will be able to money from your business because we are not just going to be taking money from you everyday. We want your business to be successful and we will account for the money that you pay as levies,” Mr Rhodes-Vivour said.

“The traditional rulers have a firm place about government and we are going to ensure that we consult with you any policy that want to do in your constituency and jurisdiction. We are going to bring again to the table of power, you will not just be a rubber stamp for the government.

“What the colonist did is not something that we should continue you will have a pride of place in my government and we will preserve our traditions. So, we can also bring in tourists to also improve the economies of all your jurisdiction.”

Mr Rhodes-Vivour is seeking to be elected governor of Lagos State on Saturday, against Babajide Sanwo-Olu, incumbent governor from the All Progressives Congress and Abdulazeez Adediran of the Peoples Democratic Party as well as 12 others candidates.


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