No hack, customers’ accounts remain safe: Flutterwave

No hack, customers’ accounts remain safe: Flutterwave

Financial fintech, Flutterwave, has debunked rumours of a breach into their security systems, as reported by some news publications Sunday afternoon. 

Laying to rest hacking rumours that earlier in the day had users in panic, Flutterwave reassured users that it has cutting-edge security systems to prevent any breach and that transactions were proceeding without a hitch.

Yewande Akomolafe-Kalu, head of storytelling and branding at Flutterwave, revealed in an interview with Peoples Gazette that certain users compromised their login information but that Flutterwave was not to blame.

However, to protect the impacted accounts and users, the company promptly blacklisted the compromised accounts after noticing their unusual and suspicious activities.

“There is no hacking,” Ms Akomolafe-Kalu told The Gazette on Sunday. “Monies are intact; customers are fine.” 

When asked how clients could protect their accounts from scammers, Ms Akomolafe-Kalu responded that the company frequently urges clients to whitelist their IP address and use the 2 Factor-Authentication to lock their accounts safely.

She warned that users yet to activate these measures might be susceptible to security breaches.

Flutterwave’s chief technology officer, Gurbhej Dhillon, asserted that the fintech had made purposeful investments in pricey and reliable licences like PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 to guarantee the security of their users’ financial information.

While maintaining that no money was lost, Flutterwave reaffirmed its commitment to helping impacted users when and where necessary.

“We want to confirm that no user lost any funds, and we take pride in the fact that our security measures were able to address the issue before any harm could be done to our users,” a statement by the company stressed.


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