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Nick Cannon Talks Coparenting and Spending Time With His Children

– Nick Cannon spends the most time with his 8-month-old daughter Onyx compared to his other children.
– Cannon has a strong coparenting arrangement with Onyx’s mom, LaNisha Cole, allowing him to have equal time with his daughter.
– Cannon has 11 other children with different mothers and has previously spoken about the challenges of spending enough time with all of them.

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Nick Cannon Talks Coparenting and Spending Time with His Kids

Nick Cannon recently opened up about his approach to coparenting his children during an episode of “The Jason Lee Podcast.” The popular celebrity, who is a father of 12, shared that he spends the most time with his 8-month-old daughter, Onyx, thanks to the coparenting arrangement he has with Onyx’s mother, LaNisha Cole. According to Cannon, he spends at least three days a week with the baby for the full day, thanks to the “super-strong understanding” he shares with Cole.

Although Cannon spends a lot of time with his youngest child, he admits that it can be challenging to find quality time with all of his kids. He mentions that one of the biggest guilt factors he has as a father is not being able to spend enough time with his children, given his busy schedule and the number of kids he has. Those children he shares with Cole and other ex-partners include Mariah Carey’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe; Powerful, his 2-year-old child; and Golden, his 6-year-old child, to mention a few.

Despite the challenges, Cannon explains that he continues to make an effort to connect with all of his kids as much as possible. He even has a nursery set up in his office to ensure he can spend the most amount of time he can with Onyx. Cannon says he appreciates the respect and understanding Cole offers him, allowing him to have an equal amount of time with his daughter.

Cannon’s recent comments reinforce the importance of coparenting arrangements that prioritize the well-being of children. It’s clear that Cannon values spending quality time with his children and goes out of his way to make it happen, even with the challenges of having multiple kids and a busy schedule. Ultimately, it’s all about finding what works best for everyone involved and making sure the children come first.


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