NFL Trade Rumors: Deshaun Watson would like to play for Buccaneers or Vikings

NFL Trade Rumors: Deshaun Watson would like to play for Buccaneers or Vikings

The past year has been extremely tumultuous for Houston Texans franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson, who despite not being sanctioned by the NFL following 22 separate sexual harassment lawsuits, did not play a single game for the “Space City” team.

No real interest from the Dolphins

Before the NFL trade deadline in the middle of last season, there was a lot of speculation that the player would be traded to the Miami Dolphins, however, the South Florida team decided to give the trust to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and despite the reports, according to them, they never sought Watson, who according to other rumors has that team as his favorite team to continue his career.

However, after new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel publicly expressed his full support for the team’s current quarterback, Watson has added two teams to his list of candidates, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano.

The case for Tampa Bay

The Buccaneers, who surrendered their Super Bowl title to the Los Angeles Rams, will no longer have Tom Brady so it is possible that Watson could be one of the candidates to replace the legendary passer and they have a veteran roster whose window to get back in contention for a championship is ending.

Tampa Bay will have continuity as far as their coaching staff is concerned, starting with Bruce Arians who will once again be the head coach of them all.

The case of Minnesota

On the other hand, the Vikings have a new coach, this Wednesday they officially introduced Kevin O’Connell and they have an offense in which running back Dalvin Cook and receiver Justin Jefferson stand out.

O’Connell should prefer Watson to the current owner of the position, Kirk Cousins, who is coming off his best statistical season with the team in purple.

Finally, it must be considered that whoever wants Watson, first of all, must negotiate with the Texans and make a trade, since he has four years left on his contract in Houston, therefore, ensuring that he is released from the demands would be vital, and that is not a fait accompli, nor is it close to being so.


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